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In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly easier to talk to a professional psychologist online. The benefits of online consultations with a psychologist include convenience, confidentiality, cost-effectiveness and access to experts from all over the world.

Online psychological consultation are gaining ground among individuals looking for mental health care. With the help of technology, these services are becoming more accessible than ever before. Through online consultations, individuals can receive therapy from the comfort of their own home or office and can benefit from qualified professionals who understand their individual needs.

Online psychological consultations are also an attractive option for those who may not have access to traditional mental health services in their area or who may not be able to afford them. By taking advantage of these services, people can receive quality care without compromising on privacy and with the security of knowing they are talking to a qualified professional.

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Online consultation with a psychologist in English (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Zoom 45 min.) 75 $
Family psychologist online in English125 $
Payment methodVISA, PayPal

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Our Psychologist «Renaissance Clinic»

Царук Евгений Григорьевич

Evgeniy Tsaruk

Doctor of the highest category - more than 11 years of experience in medical practice. Effective treatment of disability, depressive conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, fears, anxiety, apathy and lethargy, sleep disturbance, schizophrenia, and mental disorders in elderly and senile people.

Черняк Анастасия Валериевна

Cherniak Anastasiia

Doctor of the highest category - Deals with the treatment of depression, sleep disorders, uncontrolled aggression, irritability, panic attacks, fears, stress, and conditions of difficult life circumstances (conflicts in the family, at work, serious illness, breakup, loss, or divorce).

Сертификат Черняк Анастасии Практика

Family psychologist  online

Family psychologists are a valuable resource for those in need of help dealing with the complexities and stresses of family life. Online family psychologists can provide families with an efficient, personalized, and confidential service via online consultation.

Online family psychologists can offer assistance to families dealing with a wide range of issues such as parenting support, child development, mental health, and relationship counseling. With their expertise and knowledge, they can help families understand the root causes behind their problems and provide guidance on how to resolve conflicts.

The benefit of talking to a psychologist online is that it allows for more flexibility in scheduling appointments and provides access to professional advice from the comfort of home which is especially beneficial during times when face-to-face meetings are not possible due to social distancing measures. With online family therapy, families no longer have to worry about traveling long distances or taking time off work in order to access this kind of support.

Online family psychologists are professionals who are trained to provide counseling and therapy services to help individuals and families cope with everyday challenges. These specialists can help with marital issues, parenting difficulties, child development issues, and other family-related topics. They also provide a safe space to explore underlying issues that contribute to the family’s current situation. With the help of a psychologist’s in family counseling services, families can learn how to be more understanding of each other, improve communication between parents and children, understand the dynamics in their relationships better, and manage their emotions more effectively.

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Verified reviews of the clinic «Renaissance»


Professionally, qualitatively and effectively. At the consultation, the doctor clearly defined the problem and prescribed a course of treatment. Huge thanks!


She suffered from insomnia for a long time. I turned to many places, but nothing especially helped me, until I accidentally heard about the Renaissance Kyiv complex. I came here for the first time, and the result appeared literally in a matter of days.


The doctors are very good, have been treated repeatedly and are always very satisfied with the result. In general, the staff is polite and tactful in communication. It is comfortable to be in the clinic, there is WIFI, you don’t have to wait for a consultation for a long time.


FAQ about psychologist

Our qualified specialists have sufficient experience to guide the patient or his relatives in the features of the disease. However, for an accurate diagnosis, you need to contact a psychiatrist personally.
Yes, u can if use a webcam
You don't need any insurance for a consultation
When it comes to mental health, there is often confusion about the differences between psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists. All three of them are professionals with specialized education in mental health, but they have different qualifications and offer different services. Psychologists focus on diagnosing and treating emotional, cognitive, and social issues; while therapists mostly provide psychotherapy sessions to help patients cope with psychological problems. Psychiatrists go a step further by providing medication and other medical interventions for treating mental illnesses. Each of these professionals can play a major role in helping people manage their mental health.
A psychologist is a trained professional who specializes in understanding individuals' behavior and mental processes. Psychologists are qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health issues. They can provide therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, or psychoanalysis to help people overcome mental health problems. Additionally, psychologists may conduct research into human behavior or design solutions for social problems. Through their work, psychologists are able to help people improve their lives and achieve greater emotional stability.
The question of whether a psychologist is a doctor or not often arises. The answer to this depends on the type of psychologist you are talking about. Generally, a clinical psychologist is considered to be a doctor. This means they have completed at least eight years of formal education and training and are licensed to practice psychology. However, other psychologists such as school psychologists may not be considered doctors since they do not typically have the same level of education and training as clinical psychologists. Therefore, it is important to understand the type of psychologist in question when considering if they are classified as a doctor or not.
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